Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries for many years were misunderstood and given vague diagnostic names such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, jumpers knee and achilles tendonitis. As a result of poor understanding, the treatments were often equally inappropriate resulting in little or no improvement.

In recent years research has improved our understanding of tendon pathology and how to manage it, ultimately improving the outcome of such injuries. For example we now no that the "itis" (meaning inflammation) in tendonitis is often inaccurate as research has shown that in many chronic tendon issues, no inflammatory markers are present.Tendon Injury

Driven by suffering his own patella tendinosis and receiving ineffective treatment, the subject is of personal interest to Trevor, and one that he has studied over the years in great depth. He has had access to many international papers, and has attended a great number of courses and seminars on assessment, diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.

Consequently, Key Physio has the necessary knowledge, skills and technology to aid your path to recovery. Moreover, in the event that further management is required, we are able to refer you on to highly experienced consultants.

"The accident had left my tibia shattered, humerus broken and I suffered a variety of ligament and tendon problems. From the moment I arrived home from hospital, through taking my first steps, Trevor has helped me to not only rebuild my leg but improve my core strength..."

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