Lois Hudson (Age group: 30 - 40)

Trevor has been a great source of support and expertise since the injury to my ankle. He has been innovative in the range of methods he has used to treat my injury which have included general mobilisation, hydrotherapy plus stability and strengthening work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Trevor to others in need of high quality physiotherapy, but a more qualified testimony has come from the consultant who performed my operation, who has been highly impressed with Trevor's treatment of my ankle both before and also post-surgery.

Sean Mullins (Age group: 20 - 30)

I underwent knee surgery which included: anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, meniscal repair and an osteochondral defect to my femur. Trevor has been a great physiotherapist throughout all stages of my injury. He has immense knowledge of the body, its mechanics and recovery, and is ever willing to research any unanswered questions and get back to you. His enthusiasm and determination when it comes to grueling rehabilitation is contagious and I have no doubt I owe my quick and full recovery to his exceptional treatment, knowledge and attitude.

Denis Oliver (Age group: 60+)

When you are in your late sixties and faced with a young physio telling you certain things are possible, it takes a lot of persuasion to believe this may be true.

After three years of problems with my hip replacement, I was convinced that I was unlikely to achieve full mobility. Thankfully, through Trevor's hard work and professionalism, he has proved that assumption wrong, and for this I am very grateful.

Lisa Filannino (Age group: 30 - 40)

I have been seeing Trevor Keys for physiotherapy since a serious motorcycle accident in June 2008. The accident had left my tibia shattered, humerus broken and I suffered a variety of ligament and tendon problems. From the moment I arrived home from hospital, through taking my first steps, Trevor has helped me to not only rebuild my leg but improve my core strength.

His treatment and techniques have allowed me to regain flexibility in my knee joint and rebuild the muscles in my left leg. My personal goals have been far exceeded and have only been achieved through Trevor's individual ongoing attention. I am forever grateful for his support and enthusiasm.

Harold Livesey (Age group: 80+)

I have used Trevor Key's facilities, knowledge, and expertise now on two occasions: once with a post surgical repair of a ruptured achilles tendon and secondly for a shoulder rotator cuff tear. On both occasions his knowledge and ability has been excellent. He has quickly helped me in my recovery, and at the age of 80 years that's no easy feat. My thanks goes to Trevor for a job well done!

Martin Chester (Age group: 30 - 40)

I ruptured my ankle ligaments badly and had a Brostrum surgical repair. Trevor explained everything I needed to know about the injury, and each aspect of the assessment, treatment and recovery process in a way I could clearly understand. Even more importantly he supported me every step of the way through my post-operation recovery, and helped keep me going through the inevitable darker moments. I consider him to be a friend, not just a physio!

Martin O'Brien (Age group: 20 - 30)

As a rugby player, I have suffered numerous shoulder dislocations. Trevor referred me to a leading shoulder consultant who performed an open revision known as the Latarjet procedure, and has ever since been involved with all aspects of my rehabilitation. Furthermore, Trevor has not just focused on shoulder exercises but was also involved with improving my general fitness levels: range of movement, aerobic, anaerobic, core stability, weight training and functional movement exercises.

All the sessions with Trevor have been very enjoyable (even the hard ones!) and they have been a predominant factor of me getting back to participating in competitive rugby.

Stanley Bentley (Age group: 60+)

I am delighted to have this opportunity to recommend Mr Keys competence in his chosen area of expertise. From my own personal experience of a dislocated shoulder and hip damage after a fall he twice intervened on my behalf at the local hospital after incorrect diagnosis by consultants which were ultimately proved wrong by scans had been taken showing Mr Keys reports had been correct all along. In my view he is a caring man who knows his job and does his utmost to help patients and you cannot ask for more than that.

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